Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Day Jitters -Chicago City Kids Right at Home in the Big Country

The northside and southside campus came together in less than 24 hours after meeting at the airport for their first trip together. Instead of being two separate sides, we are now just Pathways in Education Chicago!

Hi, Mom!

New Vocab

Walking to the trust activity

pt 2

The actual trust activity

Need a rest

Karim the "Dream" - Chaperone

The J's

Lauren (chaperone), Jessica and DJ

Is my voice really that bad?

Technology 1, Once in a lifetime scenery 0

New vocab


IDK my BFF Jill

Alrerady a Pro!

Can you spot the chaperone?  (Darnisha)

Paparazzi finally won!


Peace out day 1!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

YEEEHAAWWWW!!! RMPR welcomes Chicago!!

Your AMAZING students have arrived safely on the ranch and are ready to start their grand adventure! We are so excited to meet them! Check the blog daily for updates and photos of what we're up to out here in the west!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Departure Day!

Greetings Parents!
We are preparing to leave the ranch to hop on our plane at the Denver Airport!

Our estimated time for arrival at VV5 is between 5pm - 5:30pm tonight! The students will call you when we get on the Cajon Pass, please be by your phone and ready to pick up your student. They have missed you very much and they cant wait to see you all!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Wonderful Wednesday!

Sunrise hike

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Will someone please let Randie in? 

Wow! Sweeping out stalls was never so much fun.

Wait, what does this plug do again?

Meanwhile...back at the ranch.

Brrrrr...Refreshing!  Sunrise hike.

Sunrise hikers.

Heading up the trail.

Good morning, hikers!

Wonderful Wednesday!

Angie, Yesenia, and Diana "skirting".

Kali and Danielle also "skirting".

Jada packing some lunches.

Chrissy, Ariel, Molly and Michael making some yummy cupcakes!

Joseph and Marissa with some llamas.

Brittany and her furry friend.

Sydney with her llama.

Making some horse shoe pits.

Aleah digging in the dirt.

Barn Work!

"Skirting" alpaca hair!

Michael working it in the kitchen.


More TerrificTuesday!

Tony is deep in thought.

Michael shoveling snow on the deck.

Bernard waiting to play some snow soccer!

Tony, Yesenia, Kali, Angie... Picture Perfect!

Bernard enjoying the shoveling!

Tony and Michael sampling icicles.

Jocelyn and Sydney hanging out.

Burt and Gio playing some guiters.

Say Cheese! Brittany and Megan (RA)

Marissa, Molly and Cynthia -Boot, Scoot, and Boogy!

Michael and Ruby - Kitchen Duty

Ariel and Marissa posing in the kitchen.

Chrissy leading a converstaion.

Danielle and Natali

Kali, Chrissy and Natali

Trey and Aleah relaxing!

Heading to the barn!